Bernardo Cueto Stops La Crosse’s Registry

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Apr 18, 2016 Comments Off on Bernardo Cueto Stops La Crosse’s Registry bernardo

Under threat of another lawsuit against the City of La Crosse, the City has decided to stop requiring inspections as part of a registration process. The City now has to give tenants the option as to whether they want inspections or not and leave landlords out of the process. This will give tenants the security to be in their homes without government intrusion. This will also help protect tenants rights because the City cannot either directly or indirectly coerce landlords into forcing their tenants to open their doors for inspections.

An article regarding this issue was posted on WIZM news.

“Under a threat of further litigation by Cueto, the city council just last week ended most parts of rental registration and inspection program to adhere to new state law.”