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Why should I have a lawyer?

You need someone to help you maneuver the rapidly growing amount of laws and regulations that can make the difference between success and failure. Whether you need an attorney to draft a proper Will that is enforceable in court or you need an attorney to draft contracts that comply with Wisconsin’s many consumer protection regulations, an attorney helps lower the risk that something will go wrong.

When can I do something on my own?

Clients call for many reasons. Sometimes I tell them that they need me to handle something, but much more often I tell them that they do not need my help with something. I come from the philosophy that if clients can do something on their own then that is the best case scenario. I am blessed in having a successful practice that I do not need to charge people for doing tasks that they could accomplish on their own.

When do I need to hire a lawyer?

If you find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit, then you should probably hire a lawyer. There are many things that people do not realize when a lawsuit is filed against them. The outcome of a case can last forever on public access records. A judgment can affect a credit rating and negatively impact someone’s ability to purchase a home in the future. There are just too many rules and exceptions in Wisconsin’s Rules of Evidence and Wisconsin’s Rules of Civil Procedure for non-lawyers to learn without a lifetime of study. A lawyer can analyze the area of law and let you know if you need to fight or settle.

In the alternative, if you find that your rights have been violated then you may need an attorney. For small issues you may wish to file a Small Claims Court action on your own. However, a quick phone call with me can help you understand when something small may be something much larger. I have been featured in the La Crosse Tribune for suing police officers over civil rights violations. I have sued employers for employment discrimination under Wisconsin’s Fair Employment Act. I have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients who have purchased defective products or when a salesperson has made a misrepresentation.

Why do you need to hire me?

I have the philosophy that I need to work as hard as my clients. I am in the office late on most days. I also have a duty to keep track of all the legal changes in Wisconsin and through federal changes. I wonder how some lawyers can get to work at 9:00 a.m., leave at 4:30 p.m., and take the weekend off. There are too many exciting and dramatic changes every day. If a lawyer is not passionate about what they do for a living, then be careful because there may be a reason.