Wisconsin Misrepresentation Types

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Aug 25, 2012 Comments Off on Wisconsin Misrepresentation Types bernardo

Wisconsin has three misrepresentation: intentional misrepresentation; strict responsibility; negligent misrepresentation.  Ollerman v. O’Rourke Co., 94 Wis. 2d 17, 24, 288 N.W.2d 95 (1980). These have different elements to prove.  The easiest to prove if you have the evidence is intentional misrepresentation.  However, if it will be too hard for you to prove intentional misrepresentation then the other two options are available to you.  Strict responsibility misrepresentation is an interesting area of law.  What the law basically states is that if a consumer goes to a business to buy something and then there is some form of misrepresentation done then the business is liable.  This would be the case even if the business did not intend to make a misrepresentation.